Client Focused, Solutions Based & Action Oriented

Every business can benefit from having a top-notch Chief Financial Officer (CFO) on the team.  Unfortunately, not every small and medium sized company can afford to employ a full-time financial executive.  Fortunately, Blanton Advisors, LLC is here to step in as your company’s CFO when your business demands the need for our services. Whether you have a variety of accounting and finance needs or your need a partner for strategic decision-making, we are client focused, solutions based and action oriented.  Having Blanton Advisors, LLC as your experienced part-time CFO partner, who is ready to act as a critical member of your executive business team, adds the value of executive level leadership without adding the executive level overhead.

Successful Business Owners Need Professional Assistance Too!

Understanding executive level needs change from one business to the next and throughout the various stages of business, CFO consulting services may take on many different forms for your company for various reasons.  Whether your company only requires a CFO consultant for a few hours per week, a fixed number of days weekly or monthly or solely on an as-needed or special project basis is up to you. What sets us apart from the competition is that we are a customized consulting business, and we offer our clients the freedom and power to utilize our services to fill in the gaps where executive leadership is needed so that you may gain a better understanding of your business and make improvements where necessary.  You decide what works for your company and your budget.

Professional Business Consulting Services

CFO Services

Budgets & Financial Models

Cash Flow Management

Banking Relationships

Contract Review and Negotiations

Financial Statement Review and Analysis

Management Dashboards

Finance Team Management

Management, Board & Investor Reporting

Policies & Procedures Drafting and Implementation

Strategic Business Planning



Due Diligence


Raising Capital

Risk Management

small business owner financial presentation

Our clients are small, medium and start-up business owners that see the value in being proactively involved in the financial side of their company. They want to improve their accounting and finance processes, strengthen their banking relationships and develop their accounting and bookkeeping staff. Most importantly they want to make business decisions based on solid financial information.

Our partners understand that their day in and day out involvement is not necessary when they engage Blanton Advisors, LLC.  We free you to do the things that are most important to keep business operating day to day while we reduce the amount of time that is required to focus on accounting and finance into structured meetings where we review monthly activity.

What You Can Expect From Your Partnership with Blanton Advisors

  • Confidentiality-Our client’s privacy is paramount to our success.  We value privacy, and we uphold the terms of our agreement which requires strict confidentiality.
  • Experience-Your company will benefit from the knowledge gained by an executive with over 30 years experience in both the public and private sector.
  • Flexibility-You choose how often our services are needed.  Since cash flow planning is critical, we can build in a monthly “not to exceed” provision into our agreement.
  • Leadership-Rely on a partner who is ready to guide, lead and act as an integral part of your executive team.

What You Will Gain When You Engage Blanton Advisors

Build Confidence

Blanton Advisors provides a consistent management presence and accounting oversight at your company to ensure owner confidence in financial reporting, including management dashboards and specialty reports.

Navigate Change

All businesses go through change at some point, and success hinges on the adaptability to change.  Blanton Advisors helps navigate you through transitions in finance or accounting staff, a specific strategic initiative, an acquisition, divestiture or a new line of business.

Drive Implementation

It is difficult for business owners to find the time and resources to implement needed systems, processes or policies.  Whether converting an accounting system or creating formal policies and procedures, Blanton Advisors works on a project basis to drive process implementation.