Practical Business Solutions

Business owners should analyze and evaluate their company and financial data on a regular basis as a matter of checks and balances. With the demands and challenges owners face from the day-to-day obligations of operating their business, the opportunity to consistently and thoroughly examine financials and strategize rarely presents itself. As your business grows you understand the need for having a financial executive on board, but you do not want the financial burden of having a full-time CFO on payroll.

When you engage Blanton Advisors, LLC you get the best of both worlds. You add tremendous value to your business by securing a financial expert to gather and interpret information and then communicate to you what the data is saying about your business, all without an executive salary. We provide practical business solutions on an as-needed basis to help your business succeed. Our partnerships are successful, because we foster long-term professional relationships and remain connected as we define business objectives, determine strategies for success and work efficiently to achieve results.

Backed by Experience, Because Experience Matters

As a former banker, Blanton uses the perspective of a bank, as well as the experience of a corporate CFO, to produce and format financial reports.

As a Corporate VP of Administration, Blanton managed legal and contract matters, led the property management function, coordinated risk management and managed payroll and compliance.

He has extensive experience in downsizing, divestiture and expense control.

In various industries Blanton has worked both sides of several M&A transactions.

An Experienced Financial Leader Who Provides Solutions & Adds Value to Your Business

Your company needs a financial leader who can offer solutions and add value to your business while focusing on specific challenges and opportunities. Blanton Advisors, LLC will help by delivering concise, understandable financial and management reporting as well as business analysis tools to owners and management. Are you faced with any of these questions about your business?

Are your revenues growing, but profits are shrinking, and you are not sure why?

Are your banks or investors requiring financial reports you do not feel comfortable preparing?

Is it time to implement measurement systems to help you manage your business, but your financial reports are too cumbersome and confusing?

Do you fail to review a complete, accurate and timely set of financial reports on a monthly basis?

Has your company grown?  You had your finger on the pulse, but it is getting harder to stay on top of things?

Do you know exactly what is driving your profits (or the lack thereof)?

Do you spend too much time overseeing accounting matters or managing a bookkeeper?

Do you review a complete, accurate and timely set of financial reports on a monthly basis?

Committed to Helping Entrepreneurs Succeed in Business By:

Committed to Helping Entrepreneurs Succeed in Business
  • Controlling Costs

  • Capitalizing on Opportunities

  • Improving Profitability

  • Working Through Crisis


Solution-Based Services We Provide:

  • Assistance articulating your financial performance to bankers, partners and investors

  • Implementation of management reporting tools that lead to increased profitability

  • Qualified professional consultation to discuss strategic decisions, management issues and growth challenges

  • Strategic financial leadership of a CFO without the expense of a full-time executive

  • Timely, accurate financial information so you can make well-informed important decisions